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Futura Acorp, part of Jofemar Corporation, is the branch of the company devoted to new technologies at point of sale.

Our activity is focused mainly on creation, implementation and maintenance of systems “point of sale”. Our main objective is to improve the customer service and the managing sale process through Smart Systems.

We have a wide experience and have achieved an important position in the national market as well as a remarkable international projection. Research and development are the basis of our success.

We also keep a fluent comunication with the customer, in order to understand current and future market needs and deliver cutting edge technology solutions meeting the day to day expectations of the customer.


Futura Suite

Innovation, new technologies, and the best after-sale service constitute the basis of the Futura´s success.

logo futura acorp smartkiosk Software
Futura has developed a complete system of point of sale for hospitality. The perfect solution to optimize the operative and the management of any center or local.
Our SmartKiosk manufacture is carried out in Jofemar Corporation premises by the most advanced technology.

logo futura acorp smarttpv
Module created by Futura for managing orders through POS or tablet, that has a user-friendly interface.
Futura distributes several models of POS´s and tablets run by Futura software. Besides, it is possible to integrate the software with the hardware that the customer provides us with.

logo futura acorp smartloyalty
Software created by Futura to manage everything related to users and/or customers loyalty. It includes customized promotions, discounts and manage rates and balances.
This software can be installed in a POS, in a basic PC and/or into a Smartkiosk.

logo futura acorp smartaccess
Software created to manage the access to any area. It works as follows: the user poses its ID on or swipe it through the reading device, then the information is checked in the database and the access is allowed or denied.
Smart Access can control any device access, such as turnstiles, doors or barriers.

logo futura acorp smartvending
Software developed for Smartkiosks that manage the dispensing of Jofemar vending machines. Smartvending is an attractive, simple and advanced solution to manage vending machines with tools protocol.
Kiosks (MPK, MSK, TMK y SSK) that manage the purchases and dispensing of vending machines.

A powerful tool that enables an integral management, which means to get in a unique point all the information of Futura solutions. Complete Software to manage in real time and in a remote way all the information of the terminals from just one PC. s.
Back Office system allows you to manage offers, promotions, screens and articles in a remote way. It is also possible to produce reports, listings, sales, and promotions. You obtain a complete control of sales, configurations, profitability of stores and products.

Futura has developed a unified solution that includes vending,
EPI´s, Tpv´s, SmartKiosk, loyalty and access control. Only an identification device (Rfid, magnetic stripe, bar code, fingerprint) is required to allow the access of a customer, to upload credit, to get all the discounts and benefits of loyalty programs and to buy in every Futura-Jofemar Systems. Certainly, all the movements are registered and can be consulted in the Back Office.

Together with the service capacity and global coverage of Jofemar Corporation, the system components of Smart Futura brings the best service, price and quality.


Futura, a great professional team in a continuous evolution


Research and development constitute the basis of our success. We work in a process of continuous improvement to offer the most innovative products.


We work with the most advanced technology and tools in order to create the best software modules an applications required by customers.

Custom software development

We offer high quality solutions combined with controlled costs. Our development team work tireless to solve customer´s requirements.


More than 10 years devoted to manage , with a great success, technological projects in the domestic and international market.


For questions, comments or suggestions please contact us

Futura Acorp headquarters
Calle Tejerías, 49
31500 Tudela, Navarra
Tel. +34 948 413 143
Fax +34 948 823 719

Madrid office
Avda. del Sistema Solar, 25
28830, San Fernando de Henares, Madrid
Tel. +34 916 622 799

Barcelona office
Carrer de Cristobal de Moura, 191
08019 Barcelona
Tel. +34 932 662 466

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